New account set up & login to the MetaMask Chrome Extension

A good crypto wallet is the basic need of every trader to exist because who doesn’t want to protect their assets from phishing attacks? No person in their sane mind would neglect the assets protection, but it is not easy to find a good wallet. The wallet selection is based on several criteria, and the wallet that passes it all will be selected at the end. One of the main selections that a user has to go through is which type of wallet they would like to go for. There are only two types of wallets as of now, and those are hardware wallets and software wallets. Both these types of wallets are far different than each other.

In this short article segment, we will give you the steps to follow for the MetaMask Chrome Extension account setup and login.

MetaMask Set Up

To begin using the platform you need to have an account on the MetaMask Chrome platform. For you to create an account on it here, there are a few simple steps to follow up with. The procedure is not at all lengthy, only if you follow the procedure accurately without any error. Now, if you are ready to learn the procedure, take a look at the explained procedure here.

  1. Open the MetaMask Chrome Extension you have installed on your device or the MetaMask mobile application.

  2. Then Click the ‘Get Started’ button.

  3. Now, press ‘Create Wallet’.

  4. Set up a strong passcode to protect your account.

  5. After the Password has been generated, you will be asked to store your seed phrase.

  6. To verify that the seed phrase has been restored you will have to pass a test.

After sequentially executing these steps your wallet account will be registered. And then you would be redirected to the homepage of your MetaMask Account.

How to log in?

It is time to get familiar with the procedure of the account logging in after setting up your account on it. If you are getting back to the world of the crypto world after a long time, then it is understandable that you might forget about the process of the account logging in. And if you have the same problem, then here is the guide for you. Follow the steps below:

  1. Open the MetaMask Chrome Extension from your browser toolbar.

  2. Now wait for the screen to load.

  3. Once, the screen loads up, you will be able to view a text box on the screen.

  4. On the shown text box, enter the login password.

  5. Review the entered password, and rectify it if there is any mistake.

  6. If satisfied with the entered password, click on the Unlock button given right below the text box.

We hope that the login procedure was understood by you. For any query, you must take the advice from the known professionals.

Closing Views!

Here we’ve finally reached the end of our short article on the explanatory procedure of the MetaMask Chrome Extension. To sum it up in short, we have tried to explain to you the steps to follow for the MetaMask account setup. And after the setup steps, we also took you on the guide to account logging in as well. For any doubts or issues you might have about this platform, there are several blogs posted here. But if you feel that the blogs are not enough, then you also have a chance to get advice from the existing users of the MetaMask Chrome Extension as well.

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